Ridgid R86031 Review

Ridgid R86031 Cordless Drill

Ridgid R86031 Cordless DrillRidgid
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Ridgid R86031 Strengths & Weaknesses:

Design Acceptable Design - While this driver has one or more design features that received a C rating, it can still be a good choice if that area is not critical to your particular needs.
PowerPowerful - Generates 1440 in-lbs of maximum torque, about 2% higher than the average impact driver. Ranks in the top 18% of its class for power.
Speed Below Average Speed - Generates up to 2400 RPM, about 6% slower than the average impact driver. The Ridgid R86031 ranks in the bottom 30% of its class for speed.
WeightLight-Weight - Weighs only 3.4 lbs, about 6% lighter than the average impact driver. Ranks in the top 39% of its class for being light-weight.
Battery Below Average Run-Time - Battery endurance is adequate for many work applications, but is 32% less than the class average. Uses Li-ion batteries with a charge rating of 1.5 Ah.
Impact Below Average Impact Rate - Generates 3100 IPM of maximum impact blows, about 1% less than the average impact driver.
User ReviewsHighly Satisfied Users - Rated 4.7 of 5 stars by 7 users. Most owners are very satisfied with the performance and value of this impact driver and would recommend it to others.
Power RatioHigh Power-to-Weight - Ranks in the top 30% of its class for power-to-weight ratio, about 11% higher than average. Higher power-to-weight indicates an efficient design.
Gearbox Nylon Gears - Transmission includes at least some nylon gears that may need replacing after years of extended use. A nylon gearbox helps reduce driver weight.
Motor Brushes No External Access - The motor brushes can only be accessed internally by taking the driver apart. While not a common problem, external access makes the replacement job much easier.
WarrantyLonger Warranty - Backed by Ridgid's limited 3-year warranty. This provides extra protection against potential design defects or premature part failure.
ChargerQuick Charge - The Ridgid R86031 includes a battery charger that will recharge a battery in only 20 minutes. Long charge times are a common complaint with some drivers.
Belt Hook No Belt Hook - Does not include this convenient feature that frees-up both your hands to perform other tasks in-between driving.
Work LightWork Light - Contains an integrated LED work light that illuminates your work area and allows you to clearly see your driving position and progress.
Fuel Gauge No Fuel Gauge - Does not come equipped with a handy battery charge indicator that allows you to glance at your driver and check the battery life while you're working.

Ridgid R86031 Cordless Drill

Ridgid R86031 User Reviews Highlights

  • I did a lot of research on impact drivers and ultimately decided upon this piece of magic.

  • This little impact driver will drive any screw you can throw at it. Lag screws without a pilot hole, four inch deck screws without twisting your arm.

Ridgid R86031 Specifications & Features:

Size & Weight 
Weight:3.4 lbs
Length:5-3/4 in
Max Torque:1440 in-lbs
Max Power: 
Impact Rate:0-3100 BPM
No-Load Speed:0-2400 RPM
Motor, Gearbox, & Clutch 
Voltage:18V volts
Speed Capability:1-speed
Variable Speed:Yes
All-Metal Gearbox:No
Auto-Shift Transmission:No
Clutch Settings:N/A
External Motor Brush Access:No
Size:1/4 in
Spindle Lock:Yes
Battery & Charger 
Batteries Included:2 x Compact
Cell Type:Li-ion
Charge Rating:1.5 Ah
Charging Time:20 min
Additional Features 
Belt Hook:No
Work Light:Yes
Side Handle:No
Fuel Gauge:No
Warranty:3 Year Limited

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