Panasonic EY6506NQKW Review

Panasonic EY6506NQKW Cordless Drill

Panasonic EY6506NQKW Cordless DrillPanasonic
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Panasonic EY6506NQKW Strengths & Weaknesses:

Design Balance Acceptable - While this driver has one or more design features that received a C rating, it can still be a good choice if that area is not critical to your particular needs.
Power Below Average Power - Delivers up to 867 in-lbs of torque, about 11% less than the class average. Power can sometimes be traded for weight or cost.
SpeedFast - Runs at speeds up to 2800 RPM, about 14% faster than the average driver in its class. The Panasonic EY6506NQKW ranks in the top 7% of all impact drivers for speed.
Weight Heavier Than Average - Weighs 3.2 lbs, about 11% heavier than the class average. Heavier drivers are often more durable, but you should consider operator fatgue.
BatteryLong Run-Time - NiMH batteries are rated at 3 Ah and provide 70% longer than average run-time. Ranks in the top 7% of its class for battery runtime.
ImpactHigh Impact Rate - Delivers up to 3000 IPM of blows, about 2% higher than the average impact driver. Ranks in the top 44% of its class for impact rate.
User ReviewsHighly Satisfied Users - Rated 4.3 of 5 stars by 3 users. Most owners are very satisfied with the performance and value of this impact driver and would recommend it to others.
Power Ratio Below Average Power Ratio - Power-to-Weight ratio is 23% below average and ranks in the bottom 8% of its class. P/W is a good indicator of driver efficiency.
Gearbox Nylon Gears - Transmission includes at least some nylon gears that may need replacing after years of extended use. A nylon gearbox helps reduce driver weight.
Motor Brushes No External Access - The motor brushes can only be accessed internally by taking the driver apart. While not a common problem, external access makes the replacement job much easier.
Warranty Standard Warranty - Comes with a limited 1-year warranty. While this length is common, many driver manufacturers are now offering, 3, 5, and even 10-year warranties.
Charger Standard Charge Time - The Panasonic EY6506NQKW battery charger takes 45 minutes to recharge a battery. Longer charge times are not a big issue if you always have a battery back-up.
Belt Hook No Belt Hook - Does not include this convenient feature that frees-up both your hands to perform other tasks in-between driving.
Work Light No Work Light - Does not include an integrated work light. This is a great feature that is now being incorporated into many of the new cordless drivers.
Fuel Gauge No Fuel Gauge - Does not come equipped with a handy battery charge indicator that allows you to glance at your driver and check the battery life while you're working.

Panasonic EY6506NQKW Cordless Drill

Panasonic EY6506NQKW User Reviews Highlights

  • Until the torque load gets high enough it operates just like a drill, so small bits and small screws work great just like your drill and pretty much silent.

  • It drives big screws like butter. Amazing! It drives Phillips as nicely as Robertson without stripping, also amazing.

  • I guess everyone has already echoed my thoughts about this great product. Yes, it does drive large screws into hard wood, without stripping the heads or breaking the screws.

Panasonic EY6506NQKW Specifications & Features:

Size & Weight 
Weight:3.2 lbs
Length:6-1/8 in
Max Torque:867 in-lbs
Max Power: 
Impact Rate:0-3000 BPM
No-Load Speed:0-2800 RPM
Motor, Gearbox, & Clutch 
Voltage:12V volts
Speed Capability:1-speed
Variable Speed:Yes
All-Metal Gearbox:No
Auto-Shift Transmission:No
Clutch Settings:N/A
External Motor Brush Access:No
Size:1/4 in
Spindle Lock:Yes
Battery & Charger 
Batteries Included:2
Cell Type:NiMH
Charge Rating:3 Ah
Charging Time:45 min
Additional Features 
Belt Hook:No
Work Light:No
Side Handle:No
Fuel Gauge:No
Warranty:1 Year Limited

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