Makita BTP140 Review

Cordless Drill

Driver Model Best Score Pwr Wgt Spd Bat Imp
- 83 B C C C A B


  • Functions - Unique hybrid 4-function tool with impact, hammer, driver, and drill capabilities all-in-one. Includes a 16-setting clutch for driver mode.

  • Batteries - One of the top-5 in its class for run-time. LXT Lithium-Ion batteries produce about 35% longer time between charges.
  • Impact - Higher than average impact rate, delivers up to 3,200 IPM.

  • Power & Speed - Power and speed are about 10% less than average, but still adequate for many applications. Generates up to 1,280 in-lbs of torque, and runs at speeds up to 2,300 RPM.
  • Weight - Weighs 3.9 lbs, a little more than other impact drivers due to the added functionality.

Makita BTP140 18V Cordless LXT
Hybrid™ 4-Function Impact Driver w/ Bag

Impact Driver Performance Comparison:

  BTP140 Average 18V Driver
Power 1280 in-lbs torque 1410 in-lbs torque
Speed 2,300 RPM 2,545 RPM
Weight 3.9 lbs 3.6 lbs
Battery 3.0 Ah 2.2 Ah
Impact 3,200 IPM 3,125 IPM

Makita BTP140 Ratings:

A-Excellent  B-Very Good  C-Good  D-Fair  F-Poor

Rating Above Average Top 5 Rank Below Average Low 5 Rank
Power C+ - - 9% Yes
Weight C+ - - 8% -
Speed C- - - 10% Yes
Battery A 36% Yes - -
Impact B+ 2% - - -

Makita BTP140 User Reviews:

  • Overall User Rating - 3.9 of 5 Stars
  • Favorable Reviews - 6
  • Critical Reviews - 2
  • versatility, speed, portability and power/weight ratio... SHOW ME ANOTHER DRILL THAT HAS THE 4 FUNCTION FEATURE
  • Best Makita tool I have ever purchased. I don't have to change to a drill or any function, this tool have everything, I use it almost every day. It paid for it-self already
  • Because of it's light weight and long battery life I feel I made the right choice. Would recommend it to anybody.
  • This is it. The perfect tool. Four tools in one. Light weight. Has hook to hang from your belt or high up on ladder. I retired all my other drills, hammer drills, screwdrivers, impact drivers. Super.
  • High Priced Gadget
  • Almost The Perfect Tool...Very happy with this expensive drill.
  • I bought this when it came out, love it!...Four out of five stars for slight difficulty in sliding mode selector from day one, even so, it's still the driver I use every day for my living.
  • it is compact and light-weight; the built-in light is very useful; and the batteries charge quickly and retain their charge quite long. My major complaint -- and the reason I give it only 3 stars -- is that the torque is inadequate.
  • I love the four function aspect of this tool. It has an LED light too. Small, light and you can drill, screw, hammer drill, and drive lag bolts with it.

Makita BTP140 Specifications & Features:

Impact Drive1/4" Hex Shank
Weight (lbs)3.9
Length (in)7-3/8
Torque (in-lbs)1280
No-Load Speed (RPM):0-2,300
Impact Rate (IPM)0-3,200
Motor BrushesExternal Access
No. Batteries2 x LXT
Cell TypeLithium-Ion
Charge Rating3.0 Ah
Charging Time (min)45
Belt HookClip
Work LightLED
Fuel GaugeNo
Driver Warranty3-year
Battery Warranty1-year

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