Makita BTD140 Review

Cordless Drill

Driver Model Best Score Pwr Wgt Spd Bat Imp Price
- 86 B C A C A B Price


  • Batteries - One of the top-5 in its class for run-time. LXT Lithium-Ion batteries produce about 35% longer time between charges.
  • Weight - One of the top-5 compact, light-weight drivers. Weighs 3.3 lbs, about 10% lighter than average.
  • Impact - Higher than average impact rate, delivers up to 3,200 IPM.
  • Satisfaction - Rated 4.4 of 5 stars by many satisfied users.

  • Power & Speed - Power and speed are about 10% less than average, but still adequate for many applications. Generates up to 1,280 in-lbs of torque, and runs at speeds up to 2,300 RPM.

Impact Driver Performance Comparison:

  BTD140 Average 18V Driver
Power 1280 in-lbs torque 1410 in-lbs torque
Speed 2,300 RPM 2,545 RPM
Weight 3.3 lbs 3.6 lbs
Battery 3.0 Ah 2.2 Ah
Impact 3,200 IPM 3,125 IPM

Makita BTD140 Ratings:

A-Excellent  B-Very Good  C-Good  D-Fair  F-Poor

Rating Above Average Top 5 Rank Below Average Low 5 Rank
Power C+ - - 9% Yes
Weight A 9% Yes - -
Speed C- - - 10% Yes
Battery A 36% Yes - -
Impact B+ 2% - - -

Makita BTD140 User Reviews:

  • Overall User Rating - 4.4 of 5 Stars
  • Favorable Reviews - 20
  • Critical Reviews - 3
  • By far this is the best cordless hand tool I've ever purchased...I have driven several hundred 3" drywall screws, and have only had to recharge the batteries once, each.
  • I put down a floor of cement board, ran lag bolts into a few ledgers, and forced a few deck boards down, and this tool was indispensable while performing those jobs. It's an absolute necessity for the contractor's arsenal.
  • Because of it's light weight and long battery life I feel I made the right choice. Would recommend it to anybody.
  • this gun requires little pressure, does not torque the wrist and has an amazing battery life. The little LED light sure is handy as well. Light weight and powerful! You don't know what you've been missing until you've tried one of these!
  • The problem with this Makita is that there isn't enough "feel" in the trigger. It's very hard to slowly startup when screwing in something.
  • The Makita LXT 18 volt Lithium Impact Driver is the best I've used, and I've used most of them. It is the right combination of battery power/capacity, weight and overall size, with an excellent feel.
  • 4+ ...Awesome little unit, but it can get HOT !,
  • Overall though, I would buy this driver again in a heartbeat. I am very satisfied with the power and handling.
  • Light, well balanced and powerful. The impact action keeps the bit from camming out the driver or the screw head and it's easy to sink 6" screws into wood without a pilot hole.
  • Lightweight, batteries last a very long time, drives with virtually no effort on my part. Once you try one you won't know how you lived without it.
  • Best Impact I have ever owned Use it everyday!,
  • A hard working impact driver with long lasting power.
  • Never thought a single tool could change the way I work, much less a small hand-held one. This tool is phenominal... super light, super powerful. 1/4" quick-change chuck is fast.

Makita BTD140 Specifications & Features:

Manufacturer Makita
Model BTD140
Voltage 18V
Impact Drive 1/4" Hex Shank
Weight (lbs) 3.3
Length (in) 5-3/4
Torque (in-lbs) 1280
No-Load Speed (RPM): 0-2,300
Impact Rate (IPM) 0-3,200
Motor Brushes External Access
No. Batteries 2 x LXT
Cell Type Lithium-Ion
Charge Rating 3.0 Ah
Charging Time (min) 45
Belt Hook Clip
Work Light LED
Fuel Gauge No
Driver Warranty 3-year
Battery Warranty 1-year

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