Hitachi WH18DL Review

Cordless Drill

Driver Model Best Score Pwr Wgt Spd Bat Imp Price
89 B B B B A B Price


  • Design - Well-balanced driver design that receives excellent or very good grades in all areas.
  • Batteries - One of the Top-5 in its class for run-time. HXP Lithium-Ion batteries produce 36% longer than average time between charges.
  • Power - Power is 6% less than average, but still considered very good. Generates up to 1,330 in-lbs of torque.
  • Speed - Slightly higher than average speed with runs up to 2,600 RPM.
  • Impact - Higher than average impact rate. Delivers up to 3,200 IPM.
  • Weight - Weighs 3.5 lbs, about 3% lighter than average.
  • Warranty - Hitachi has one of the best warranties; 10-year tool and 2-year battery.
  • Satisfaction - Rated 4.8 of 5 stars by many satisfied users.

  • None

Impact Driver Performance Comparison:

  WH18DL Average 18V Driver
Power 1330 in-lbs torque 1410 in-lbs torque
Speed 2,600 RPM 2,545 RPM
Weight 3.5 lbs 3.6 lbs
Battery 3.0 Ah 2.2 Ah
Impact 3,200 IPM 3,125 IPM

Hitachi WH18DL Ratings:

A-Excellent  B-Very Good  C-Good  D-Fair  F-Poor

Rating Above Average Top 5 Rank Below Average Low 5 Rank
Power B- - - 6% -
Weight B+ 3% - - -
Speed B+ 2% - - -
Battery A 36% Yes - -
Impact B+ 2% - - -

Hitachi WH18DL User Reviews:

  • Overall User Rating - 4.8 of 5 Stars
  • Favorable Reviews - 13
  • Critical Reviews - 0
  • What a great tool! It drove lag bolts and all different length deck screws with no loss of power.
  • This is the best cordless impact driver on the market! I have tried all the other major brands and I still like my Hitachi the best.
  • I give the Hitachi 5 stars for fit and finish with solid construction and a rubberized outer cover to absorb shocks and bumps. The collet type chuck is easy to operate and the small size and light weight of this thing are truly amazing!
  • This is just fantastic. Hitachi hit a homer with this impact driver. I've driven 4" screws into oak with this thing with no effort and was just amazed.
  • Impressed so far and I give it 5 stars for build quality, value, performance, and general coolness
  • One of the best tools I have ever owned. By far the best drill ever made. The power is unreal, and it weighs nothing. I am a General Contractor and have been in the building industry for 23 years
  • I have used the tool several times and am impressed with the power and weight of the tool. I would have given the tool 5 stars but the green and black design looks a little Fisher Price to me.
  • What a powerhouse! This will drive a 5/16" lag screw into 1 1/4" decking with no torque on my wrist! Will save me much time and fatigue.
  • I've been using it for over a year now...The battery life is outstanding. They hold their charges well between uses, and have survived banging around the back of my van for a while now.
  • This little machine is incredible. It is my most used power tool. I am a remodeler, I wasn't sure if I should believe the hype about impact drivers, but I gave it a try anyways. I have never looked back.
  • Worth the money... I've used my cordless impact every day at work for the past two months. It's lighter than my previous Hitatchi 14.4, and has way more power..highly recommended
  • This impact driver is stronger than almost all other brands, and actually is not as loud as most other brands.
  • This is a great product from Hitatchi...strong driver for long screws into wood, compact size and weight, long battery life, cool alien pattern on handle, good quality case, ease of use

Hitachi WH18DL Specifications & Features:

Manufacturer Hitachi
Model WH18DL
Voltage 18V
Impact Drive 1/4" Hex Shank
Weight (lbs) 3.5
Length (in) 6-37/64
Torque (in-lbs) 1330
No-Load Speed (RPM): 0-2,000 / 0-2,600
Impact Rate (IPM) 0-3,200
Motor Brushes External Access
No. Batteries 2 x HXP
Cell Type Lithium-Ion
Charge Rating 2.6 Ah
Charging Time -
Belt Hook Yes
Work Light LED
Fuel Gauge No
Driver Warranty 10-year
Battery Warranty 2-year

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