DeWalt DC827KL Review

Cordless Drill

Driver Model Best Score Pwr Wgt Spd Bat Imp
- 80 B B B C B C


  • Run-time - Uses Lithium-Ion batteries with NANO technology. Run-time is about 10% longer than average.
  • Weight - Weighs 3.7-lbs, which is about average and considered very good.
  • Durability - Magnesium gearcase, all-metal transmission, accessible motor brushes, and DeWalt's 3-year warranty.
  • Satisfaction - High user satisfaction rating, 4.8 of 5 stars.

  • Impact - Delivers up tp 2,700 IPM, which is sufficient for many applications, but about 15% less than average.
  • Speed - Runs up to 2,400 RPM, about 5% less than average.

DEWALT DC827KL 18V Cordless
NANO™ 1/4" Impact Driver Kit

Impact Driver Performance Comparison:

  DC827KL Average 18V Driver
Power 1330 in-lbs torque 1410 in-lbs torque
Speed 2,400 RPM 2,545 RPM
Weight 3.7 lbs 3.6 lbs
Battery 2.4 Ah 2.2 Ah
Impact 2,700 IPM 3,125 IPM

DeWalt DC827KL Ratings:

A-Excellent  B-Very Good  C-Good  D-Fair  F-Poor

Rating Above Average Top 5 Rank Below Average Low 5 Rank
Power B- - - 6% -
Weight B- - 2% -
Speed C+ - - 6% -
Battery B+ 9% - - -
Impact C- - - 14% Yes

DeWalt DC827KL User Reviews:

  • Overall User Rating - 4.8 of 5 Stars
  • Favorable Reviews - 12
  • Critical Reviews - 1
  • Awesome driver...Being in construction this is a great product. I like the fact it is very light compared to my dewalt drill. I have used it to screw metal roofs, put up gutter, and for screwing wood together.
  • The power and weight is good. The new lighter and more powerful batteries are a great improvement.
  • The engineers behind this tool have done an incredible job of putting the torque to work to maximize its throughput because this tool out-drove all the other tools I tested it against in terms of speed.
  • As for the product, I love the DeWalt driver but it did come with a defective battery
  • I never thought I would be as impressed as I am with this tool. It is compact and powerful. I drive a lot of three inch screws and never have a problem getting them set. I like it.
  • Drives the heck out of just about anything I have used it on from lag screws, deck screws, drywall screws, etc. Not one problem with the unit, as a matter of fact, just bought another for my father. Great little driver!
  • very light, portable, practical. quite expensive though but it is so useful it is worth it.
  • I have all the DeWalt series drills for 18 volt, and this is my favorite for driving any kind of fastener home. The new battery system works great
  • I just got it and I just finished a 12x26 deck and this thing is amazing. It is half the weight of my 18 volt Dewalt drill, plus the battery last longer. Go for this one.
  • I build decks for a living and this is my second 1/4 inch Dewalt Impact Driver. I didn't think I could love a tool more than my first impact driver. Was I wrong! This is absolutely the greatest tool made for people who drive a lot of screws.
  • Loved my previous model, love this one even more. I own about every tool I can imagine, and most Dewalt power tools, and use this one more than any other tool by 5 times as much. Excellent A+++++!
  • a little powerhouse of a tool... It will out drive and drill any of my regular drills with power to spare.
  • Overall, I think this evolution is well worth the price.

DeWalt DC827KL Specifications & Features:

Impact Drive1/4" Hex Shank
Weight (lbs)3.7
Length (in)5-3/4
Torque (in-lbs)1330
No-Load Speed (RPM):0-2,400
Impact Rate (IPM)0-2,700
Speed Settings1
Motor BrushesExternal Access
No. Batteries2 XRP
Cell TypeLithium-Ion with Nano
Charge Rating2.4 Ah
Charging Time60 min
Belt HookNo
Work LightLED
Battery Fuel GaugeNo
Driver Warranty3-year
Battery Warranty1-year

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