14.4V Cordless Drill Buying Guide

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The 14.4V cordless drill is designed for homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, or professionals. Homeowners can use a 12V or 14.4V drill for almost any maintenance task. The 14.4V drill gives you a little room to grow if you decide to tackle some tougher DIY projects in the future. And do-it-yourselfers and professionals will find several powerful, durable drills in the 14.4V class, but at a cheaper price.

  • The average price of a 14.4V cordless drill is $180. Prices generally range from a low of $75 to a high of $300.
  • The goal is to buy an 14.4V drill with above-average capabilities for a below-average price.


  • More power is good, but it has to be balanced against weight and cost.
  • The average 14.4V cordless drill delivers up to 400 in-lbs of maximum torque.
  • Top-end 14.4V drills can generate up to 600 in-lbs, more than the average 18V drill.


  • Higher speeds help you drill holes faster and easier, especially when using large drill bits, or working with steel.
  • Average 14.4V drills can generate speeds up to 1,500 RPM.
  • The best have top speeds around 1,800 RPM.


  • If you don't think one or two pounds makes a difference, think again. Drill weight is important, and can make the job more or less difficult.
  • The average 14.4V cordless drill weighs about 4.5-lbs, about the same as a half-gallon of milk.
  • The lightest drills only weigh about 3.5-lbs.


  • You'll find a mixture of NiCd, NiMH, or Li-ion batteries in the 14.4V class.
  • Li-ion technology helps reduce drill weight and extend battery life, but it's also more expensive.
  • Battery run-time between charges is important, and can be excellent with any of these 3 battery types.
  • Check the battery amp-hour (Ah) rating. It indicates how much run-time you'll achieve.
  • The average 14.4V drill battery rating is 2.2 Ah.
  • The best batteries are rated up to 3.5 Ah.


  • Chuck size: 1/2" is standard on most 14.4V drills, with a few having 3/8".
  • Spindle-lock: The chuck automatically locks so you can change drill bits with one hand. Generally standard on a 14.4V drill.
  • Integrated LED work light: Optional.
  • Belt-hook: Optional.
  • Side-handle: Optional feature that helps you control higher levels of torque.
  • Fuel gauge: Great feature that's generally not available on 14.4V drills.


  • Look for an all-metal chuck. Plastic chuck sleeves are lighter weight, but they can sometimes crack if dropped or hit.
  • Some drills in this class have motor brushes that can be accessed externally, making it much easier to replace them.
  • If you're a professional and durability is important, look for one of the few 14.4V drills with an all-metal gearbox.
  • The average warranty for an 14.4V cordless drill is about 3-years, with the worst at one-year, and the best at 10-years or more.

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